Monthly Archives: December 2007

A Few Bright Moments in an Otherwise Frustrating Day

A Road Block in Liza’s Path

Eli’s room is filled with many great, very small toys. I devised this block so that Liza could see Eli and what he was doing but not get into the room to swallow many great very small toys. I don’t think it’ll last for long but it works for right now.

The Anti-Dust

In Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, there’s this stuff called Dust. It’s made of an elementary particle that is far more attracted to adults than to children.

It turns out we have the opposite in our world. It’s called Germs.

Yes, Liza is sick again. She’s managed to catch some illness from the maelstrom of them […]

The Real Effect of Electing the Current US Presidential Nominees

Were you aware that people debate politics a lot on the Internet? I know! It was a surprise to me, too! It’s been driven by the eighty-two debates that the Republican and Democratic candidates for US President have had, a product of the ever-earlier campaign season. By 2015 we’ll see people running for the 2020 […]

Liza, Liza, Faster Than Lightning

Despite our best efforts, Liza has learned to crawl.

Oh, we did all the things concerned and lazy parents do to keep their kid in one place. We dressed her in long pants and full-length onesies that made her knees slip on the wood floor. We held her. We showed her the National Highway Traffic Safety […]

The Force is with Us All

A few months ago Stephen started playing Lego Star Wars with Eli. Then I started playing too. So now in the evenings, after dinner, we have a round of Star Wars. We played through the second game and have now digressed back to the original.

Because of our evenings at Dexter’s Diner, Eli had developed […]

First of Many Cherrios & Apple Juice Snacks

Neither photo conveys her disgust over the taste of food/drink that is not mom’s milk.

Chirstmas Cookies

We put up our Christmas tree last weekend. I’ll admit I’m pretty bahumbug about the process. It seems ridiculous to drag all that stuff out for less than a month. The house is a wreck the day of. There’s boxes everywhere. Eli is in trouble constantly because he can’t remember that all this stuff is […]

Eli Wisdom

I wrote this longish post on the various illnesses my children has suffered over the past three weeks and my worries and fears regarding them but now they are mostly well and I am feeling less out of control so I’ll just let you in on this bit of Eli wisdom instead:

“Grumpy is what moms […]

Extending the Life of Internet Memes

Memes on the Internet are pop culture sped up by several orders of magnitude. Like staph infections, memes mutate quickly, spawning offshoots and mashups and all manner of odd progeny. That makes it tough to keep them going and to make money off of them, since they come, change, and go so quickly. It’s even […]