The Knitted Companion Cube

Hey, friends and family who knit, look what Misty showed to me! It’s a knitted companion cube!

Knitted Companion Cube

I note in passing that her pattern is licensed under a Creative Commons non-commercial license, and so is freely usable by anyone.

3 thoughts on “The Knitted Companion Cube

  1. Not to worry, my Son. I have put this into my project list for this year. You will be getting one soon.

  2. So are you taking orders on these? 😛

    Stephen, that reminds me. I got a set of WCC Christmas cards this year. They’re quiet good I’ll see if I can remember to bring them next time I see you. If you haven’t read them yet I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

  3. Yay knitted companion cube!

    Ooh, Chris, I’d like to see those. Did you see the Aperture Science Christmas video that was going around?

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