Grille 29

As Stephen promised, we have started a campaign to eat around town at more unusual places. Our first try today was Grille 29. It’s located in the Village of Providence which is supposed to be a “pedestrian-friendly neighborhood”. (The houses there look like the village on Martha’s Vineyard except without the excellent ocean views and with an added 3.5 cars per person.) Regardless, there are some good restaurants there that are totally worth the drive–er, walk.

First off, Grille 29 is a grown-up restaurant. I walked in and it was quiet except for the jazz playing over the sound system. No loud conversations. No kitchen noise. No chairs scrapping the floor. No kids. Let me mention that last part again: there weren’t any kids in there. I don’t know if that was by design or just my lucky day, but it was lovely. The decor is elegant and modern looking. They have a ginormous fish tank and a beautiful water feature at the reception desk. From afar, the bar looked extremely well stocked and there was even glitter or tiny lights over it that looked like constellations.

I ordered my usual $9 salad of mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and balsamic reduction. When I say my usual, I mean when I go to a nice place to eat I would rather spend my extra $9 on an unusual salad than desert. Some of my favorite dining experiences have been with $9 salads. Now while Grille 29 didn’t have all that many salads, never mind unusual ones, this one was excellent. The tomatoes were fresh, the mozzarella was super good and the basil looked like it’d been plucked off the plant moments before it hit my plate. I was pleased. And the highest compliment, Stephen ate some and he doesn’t even like tomatoes.

I had a tenderloin sandwich that would have been excellent if the caramelized onions and mushrooms hadn’t been over-salted. The beef was just right. A good sandwich even if I do have to drink a gallon of water this afternoon to compensate.

Stephen had Salmon Brulée which was a broiled salmon with brown sugar glaze on top of sweet potatoes. I didn’t try the fish (ugh!) but the sweet potatoes were cooked perfectly.

We didn’t get to order dessert because I had to hustle off to pick up Eli and Liza early from school due to the weather, but we’ll try to squeeze that in next time. It’s definitely worth a second visit if for no other reason than the atmosphere.

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  1. I have yet to eat at Grille 29. We were gonna go for Rick’s birthday, but I was big, pregnant, and feeling sick, so I cancelled our reservations. I ended up feeling better by the time dinner rolled around, so we went to IHOP instead. 🙂 Not quite the same…

    Maybe lunch would be a good time for us to go there, now that we have a kidlet too.

  2. Did you see the restroom in that place? If not, you should check it out next time. I believe it is the faciest bathroom I have ever seen. The only reason I know about the bathroom is because I was rather large and pregnant at the time, so of course I had to check it out 🙂

    Jon and I went for our anniversary. We rather enjoyed the experience. I had a filet that was to die for! And the dessert was not bad either. I highly suggest you go back and try some dessert if you get a chance.

  3. If y’all haven’t gone to Green Hills Grill on Wynn Drive, then you’re seriously missing out. That’s one local restaurant I miss LOTS…

  4. Danielle,
    Have you been to GHG lately? The last few times we’ve gone it hasn’t been that good. Also, it’s had a serious round of low health scores. It makes me cautious.

  5. Unfortunately, even before Sean and I moved out of town, GHG had started heading quietly downhill.
    What about the restaurant over at the corner of University and Slaughter Rd? It had a market right next door to it. Of course, the name escapes me, but I remember that being an exceptional, although slightly pricey meal.

  6. It was Pauli’s, we went there and I had my first crack at steak with blue cheese butter. Got me to like blue cheese for the first time.

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