Monthly Archives: February 2008

Child’s Play Nominated for Six XYZZY Awards

Hey, look at that: while I was all sick and stuff, my text adventure Child’s Play was nominated for six XYZZY Awards, including “Best Game” and “Best Writing”. The XYZZY Awards are the IF community’s Oscar-like awards for the year’s best games by category, and I’m tickled pink to be nominated for six.

Anyone can vote […]

U2 Cures the Flu

Today is day number six of Stephen being ill. He manages to get up and showered and then immediately needs to rest for a few hours before lunch. Following lunch he rests for another few hours before he starts feeling really bad. He’s had fever, chills, aches, joint pain, lack of appetite, a hacking cough, […]

Day Five of Being Ill

I haven’t had a bad bout of fever in a while, the kind that would leave me shaking, but I am still weak, tire easily, and my head is so stuffed I’m surprised it doesn’t float away and leave the rest of me behind. My entire body feels disturbing and alien, which will happen to […]

A Measure of How Sick Stephen Has Been

He didn’t check his email all day long yesterday.

So It Should Take Eli and Me 31 Turns to Play Candy Land

Yesterday, in one of my brief respites from feeling terrible, I came across a mathematical analysis of Candy Land. He does an analytic analysis which assumes independent draws (i.e. you draw a card and then put it back in and reshuffle the deck) and a Monte Carlo analysis that’s much more realistic. According to Lou […]

Liza’s Sleep Training, Part 3 (or Maybe it’s Misty’s Sleep Training Now)

I haven’t freaked out here lately about the lack of sleep I’m getting because of Liza’s lousy schedule. The good news is that I’m doing pretty well. Mostly because I go to bed every night between 9 and 10:30. Gasp!

Stephen and I have always been hard core night owls. We were bad before we […]

A Fever That You Can Lie Around Listlessly With Part Two

My gentle bout of post-nasal drip that I woke up with earlier this week has turned into a full-blown viral infection. The doctor cheerfully told me that it wasn’t strep and wasn’t flu, but that it was a “flu-like viral infection” that I’d get to ride out. It’s like I went into the dealer wanting […]

My Friends Taped Jonathan Coulton

I’ve been meaning to post about this for days — days, I tell you — but was too lazy to do so. But now I have gumption running out the ears!

Some time ago, Brian, Crispy and I (in our guise as the robot PODTRON) saw Jonathan Coulton play in Atlanta. Brian and Crispy shot footage […]

Libertarian Children’s Books

During yesterday’s discussion of my dislike of The Giving Tree, we got to discussing The Rainbow Fish. siliconchef pointed out Starboortz Fish, a libertarian re-telling of The Rainbow Fish in which a starfish has to earn the respect of others.

That got me to thinking. There aren’t really any libertarian children’s books I know of, at […]

The Co-Dependent Tree

I read a lot of kids’ books when I was young, but I don’t remember most of them because I was a kid and had the memory of a goldfish on a three-day bender. Now that I’m an adult and reading even more kids’ books, I’ve discovered that there are good ones and bad ones. […]