A Few Notes of Interest from the Weekend

  • Eli still has an ear infection so we will be retuning to the doctor sometime today for more antibiotics.
  • Liza has the snottiest nose in the western hemisphere. I am not kidding about this. I’m actually a bit shocked that one 18 lb. baby can produce this much fluid.
  • Stephen has a secret project brewing which he will hopefully be finished with and announce sometime today. Geof, it’s time to duck and cover.
  • Because of Stephen’s secret project, I did pretty much zilch this weekend and I had a great time doing it. Stephen’s story might be slightly different.
  • Liza’s sleep is still for crap. Which means my sleep is for crap as well. And no I AM NOT CRABBY about it!
  • All of Eli’s stories now involve: Mario, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, star bits, “Mmmmm, chicken!” (I told him about us playing that Douglas Adams adventure game from 10 years ago and he thinks roasted chickens coming out of a vending machine in the wall is funny.) and some form of the question, “Why did Anakin make bad choices and become Darth Vader?”. I’m pretty sure that we’re not going to be able to get him to understand the morality there until he’s about 12 but we still have the conversation on nearly a daily basis.
  • We still haven’t rescued Christmas photos off of Stephen’s old laptop, so still no Christmas photos.
  • Liza has learned how to say, “DaDa!” with a sign that I think is the Dad sign but could just as easily be, “Dada puts me on his head and says, ‘Liza Hat!’ and I love that!” or “I love me some bald Dada head! It’s good for licking!” and “MaMa!” which she doesn’t need the sign for because she just chants it over and over and over and over and over. These are her only spoken words besides “Pop” which she chants whenever Stephen’s dad is around.
  • Speaking of Liza signing, she can now do: more, milk, eat, all done, dad, bath. She recognizes and is trying to make: ball, Eli, water, light. I’ll be working on next with her: play, please, fruit, music, sleep.
  • To answer a question from May: There won’t be any posted photos of Eli’s birthday at JumpZone! because I didn’t want to go to the hassle of getting written permission from all the parents to publish photos of their kids on our site. Regardless, the highlight wasn’t even photographed and I only heard about it yesterday. Apparently, Eli got himself some birthday smoochies from that little red-headed girl, Mackenzie.
  • Liza has also learned to stand on her own. She usually has to have a toy firmly grasped in both hands to accomplish this but she can do it. She still doesn’t know what those meaty things are on the ends of her legs, so steps are still a good ways off.
  • Update: Oh, and I totally forgot: Peggle is the biggest time suck on the face of the planet.

11 thoughts on “A Few Notes of Interest from the Weekend

  1. Apparently, Eli got himself some birthday smoochies from that little red-headed girl, Mackenzie.

    God bless the boy. He’s after my own heart.

    And I’ve seen it. And have laffed. And made a suggestion for improvement!

  2. My favorite version of the Daddy baby sign so far is made with the fingers spread but with the thumb touching the side of the head instead of the forehead. Daddy is a moose!

  3. A boy after my own heart! Tell him Pop (masquerading as May, which may cause complications but isn’t meant to do so–nor any therapy) is proud of him! And that Charlie Brown would be envious (though that may take more explanation than the comment would be worth) since HE never got to kiss the little red-headed girl!

  4. Redheads are the best smoochers. That would have been a great photo, though to save for future blackmail. 🙂

    Hope Eli gets to feeling better!

  5. You are SO NOT CRABBY about it! Yea, you! (I’d be a wee bit crabby.)

    Isn’t the snot thing amazing? Someone should publish a scientific article about it, maybe while wearing a fez…

    Eli’s pretty sophisticated. My (just last week became a) seven year old is just now wrapping his mind around the whole Anakin/Vader thing. The eleven year old, though, seems to have worked through his abandonment and betrayal issues. He blames the emperor.

    Mostly the seven year old breathes heavily into his hands and chants, “I am your father!”

    Aren’t we geeks? Our small children know who Anakin Skywalker and Douglas Adams are. Throw in some Pratchett and Heinlein (and Mario, and Ratchet and Clank), and we’re all living in my husband’s perfect world.

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