Salsa Chicken Soup

This is my easiest soup recipe. As long as you have the chicken cooked, it takes no time to throw together. I also monkey with the numbers depending on how many people I’m going to feed. This recipe originally came from a BH&G dieting cookbook. I’ve changed a few things thought to make it fit with our love of all things cumin encrusted.

2 cans chicken broth
2-3 broiled chicken breasts or a package of precooked fajita chicken
2 cans sweet corn or 3-4 ears of fresh, cut off the cob
1-2 c chunky garden-style salsa
chili powder, cumin, onions and garlic to taste (If you use fresh onions and garlic, cook those slightly in a bit of oil first. I often use powdered garlic and onions when I am in a huge hurry.)

grated Monterey Jack or cheddar cheese
broken tortilla chips

Add all ingredients to a soup pot. Heat. Top with chips and cheese.