Next Up: Toy Cavity Searches

Here at the Granade household, we’re down with the educational toys. If our kids happen to learn things while playing, that’s all fine and dandy. Still, I’m not sure I want them playing with a Scan-It, from OPERATION CHECKPOINT: Jr. Airport Security Education Center.

It’s a toy airport x-ray machine! As the ad copy tells us, “This unique toy/teaching aid provides ample amounts of healthy fun along with education and awareness of the security measures that people face in real life.” And just look at the box cover!

Scan-It Box Cover

Two kids play happily while, in the background, a line of people badly rendered using Poser wander through the airport of the future as envisioned in 1977. I guess some kids are willing to play “Airport and Public Security”, though that ranks right up there with playing “Accountant” in my mind. But having seen this, think of the other TSA-themed toys we could come up with. We’ll be rich!

Thanks, if that’s the proper word to use, to Aaron for the pointer.

6 thoughts on “Next Up: Toy Cavity Searches

  1. Home wiretapping kit! Acclimatize your children to living in a police state by showing them how they can pretend to be the federal government by listening in on your phone conversations without a warrant!

    Indefinate detainment without due process, of course, will be a hard-sell, since “Go to your room!” is an equivalent toy and is free.

  2. As an adult, I find this creepy.

    However, I have to acknowledge that as a kid I would have loved it. Toy that detects metals! And has buttons that light up! I was constantly trying to make “control panels” out of sheets of cardboard with paper or plastic buttons glued on. *What* this was a user interface for was much less important.

    Not that I would have played Airport Security with it. I’m pretty sure it would have starred in plot-lines involving space ships, pirate treasure, and/or the Swamp Fox.

  3. You know, Emily, that’s a really good point. I made control panels too, though they were to rocketships and the like, and a toy that can sense metals would have been great for my rocketship-asteroid-mining operations.

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