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Misty Loses at Vomit Roulette Once Again

This morning as I was showering I was thinking of this website and feeling the pressure of not having made a post in a couple of days. I wondered what to write about and decided to see where the day would take me.

Eli had a dental checkup this morning and all went well except […]

I’m a Confirmed Dragon*Con Guest

Hey, look at that. Time to finish my planned presentation on quantum computing, where by “finish” I mean “start”.

A Four Year Old Reviews Grand Theft Auto IV

Long ago I reviewed a lot of video games for a dot com, which meant that I got a lot of free games. Even now, years later, I sometimes get free games.

So how could I not try out Grand Theft Auto 4? And how could I not see what Eli thought of it?

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I Survived ROFLCon

The conference was both stranger than I imagined and far more fun than I could have hoped for. Many of the guest who attended were like me: they did a random thing that became unexpectedly popular. And many of the attendees seemed to find it as fun as I did, and looked to be having […]

Selling Parents Fear

In March, Lenore Skenazy let her nine-year old son ride home from Bloomingdale’s on the New York subway — by himself. Then she made the mistake of writing about it in the NY Sun.

As you can imagine, a lot of parents thought she was nuts. Her son could have been abducted! It wasn’t safe!

Being a […]

Why Do People Miss Planes?

I used to stand in the ticket counter line and wonder why people weren’t showing up to get on their flight. What causes people to not go on their trips they’ve planned for months? A death in the family, surely. An emergency root canal, maybe. The nastiest stomach bug I’ve ever had, yes, yes, and […]

ROFLCon Bingo

I’ve finished my panel, which was entirely too entertaining. With luck there will be an online version of it for everyone to see.

In the meantime, here is a bingo card for anyone who is actually at ROFLCon and wants a way to pass the time during panels.

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We’re Headed to ROFLCon

That’s right, there’s an entire convention about internet memes, and I’m going to be there this Friday on a lolcat panel talking about loltrek. An entire convention about Tron Guy and Leeroy Jenkins taking place at MIT, and I’m one of the invited guests!

You know, I used to do serious science and dream of giving […]

Sony Vegas Script to Change the Pixel Aspect Ratio of Images

I spent far too long getting this to work again because I forgot to transfer the script from one computer to another, and all of the web references to this technique are, shall we say, broken like a character on Battlestar Galactica. So for anyone else who might need this, I give you a Sony […]

Can’t Look Away

I spotted this picture on Etsy and I want it so bad I can’t hardly stand it. Anyone want to contribute to the Tea and Oranges Picture Fund?