My Accomplishment for Today

When the LASIK tech who had been evaluating me left to get answers to some of my detailed questions, I never saw her again. Instead, one of the senior assistants came in to give answers.

6 thoughts on “My Accomplishment for Today

  1. Wow. What were the questions?

    (My Doc told me I wasn’t a candidate, thanks to the stigmatism. I’m seeking other opinions.)

  2. I asked about how deep of a corneal flap they made, how they handled your changing prescription if later you needed cataract surgery, what the incidence of light sensitivity they’d seen since switching to using a laser to cut the corneal flap instead of a keratome — you know, the usual.

    My prescription is bad enough that I’m probably not a LASIK candidate either.

  3. Not to be more of a fearmonger than I normally am. Have you looked at sites like ? My mom had lasik done and she seems happy with it but I’m not all that keen on messing with my vision at this point in my life.

  4. I trolled through PubMed to see what the latest journal articles and reviews had to say, since they’re heavier on numbers and lighter on fear-mongering anecdotes. It was enough to give me pause, and is why I had a lot of questions for the technician.

    It’s all moot, though, since I’m not really a candidate.

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