Weekend Media Entertainment

Friday night, Battlestar Galactica returned. Baltar got smacked upside the face with theodicy, and everyone was paranoid and broken.

Saturday night, Kansas beat UNC, and did so convincingly despite letting UNC get to within three points after being up 40 to 12. It’s nice to see Roy Williams’s team fall to the school he left, and did so in a way that left a lot of hard feelings.

If three new episodes of Pushing Daisies show up tonight, it will have been the perfect weekend of TV entertainment for me.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Media Entertainment

  1. Being smacked upside the face is pretty much what happens whenever theodicy gets involved, I find.

  2. What do you mean left a lot of hard feelings? Out here people are saying they can finally forgive Roy Williams for leaving now that he’s been smacked by KU. 🙂

  3. Hey, dangling modifier! I meant the school that he left with a lot of hard feelings. Of course those feelings are more smoothed over now!

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