Monthly Archives: May 2008

Memories of My Granny

I wrote this in the car this past Monday. We are home now and glad to be back in our own place.

Stephen and I are driving on this bright beautiful May day. It reminds me of summer days spent at my dad’s parents’ house.

In my mind’s eye I can see so clearly the […]

The Case of the Missing Marble

Mumsy bought Eli Hungry, Hungry Hippos while she was visiting this last week because he said he wanted that game specifically. After I assembled it and played a couple of rounds with him, I took a break and Mumsy took my place.

“Is that all there is to this game?!?!” she asked after she played.

“Yep, that’s […]

Traveling Today

And tomorrow, and the day after, and, in fact, yesterday, too, so instead of content, have a link to Michelle Sagara talking about how being a mother is like being a writer.

Someone on the Internet Agrees With Me

It turns out I’m not the only one who thought of George Wallace when Hillary Clinton made her “hard-working Americans, white Americans” comment.

Today Liza is One

Happy birthday, Liza!

And Now For Something Sciency

I ranted about politics a lot yesterday. Let’s balance that with some science!

(Say it with me: Science!)

Did you know the Earth might once have had multiple moons? The theory is that, when the Moon was created by the Earth being hit by something the size of Mars, a bunch of other chunks got blasted off, […]

Also, Some Simple Math Regarding Delegates Might Be In Order

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I’ve had a lot of sympathy for you. You had name recognition and a commanding lead in the polls before actual voting and caucusing began, and were making history as the first woman to run for President on a major party ticket, and yet you were never able to deliver the knock-out punch […]

Score One for Librarians

Thanks to the Patriot Act’s expansion of investigative powers, for years the FBI has been using National Security Letters to gather information about US citizens. Now the Internet Archive, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the ACLU managed to get the FBI to rescind one such request and make some details public.

National Security Letters are particularly […]

The View From the Top

Before Eli was born, I looked at how much we were spending and how much Eli was likely to cost us. I then took a moment to breathe slowly and deeply into a paper bag while red numbers danced in my vision. It’s a natural reaction, and I always figured most parents-to-be experienced it regardless […]

Summer Scheduling

Summer shouldn’t need a schedule. It should be days of waking up and deciding if we’re going to get motivated enough to go to the pool or just play in the water sprinkler in the yard.

It should not require a shared Google calendar to pull off. And yet for the second time in […]