9 thoughts on “Liza’s New Skill

  1. Hi Misty –
    Don’t know if you remember me or not – Sabrina… I randomly was following a search on my blog about Soul Burger and noticed this other link on the same google page for “live granades”… so I followed it here… and voila – what a fun surprise to find someone I’ve met before! Will surely check back from time to time. Loved the pirate wedding by the way – I just married myself a month ago – but it was IN a cave – check here for pics: http://www.brinabatandgraybat.blogspot.com.


  2. Geof, how can you say that?! Liza is not just cute as a button, but given her parentage, is obviously extraordinarily literate for her age! 🙂

  3. Uh, oh, evil Methodist in our midst! Quick, the garlic’n’silver!!! Wait a minute… maybe that’s cards, dancing and drink?? I can never remember!

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