Liza loves her some butterflies almost as much as our nephew Sam loves trucks. How much does Sam love trucks, you ask? When they get car inserts in their newspaper, Andrew or Joy has to sit with Sam and read the insert cover to cover many, many times and even after that, Sam saves it for reading later.

Liza never gets tired of pointing and shouting frantically, “Buh-Fie! Buh-Fie!” Taking her to the botanical garden butterfly house is like taking an addict to a dealer.

So after I made Eli’s robot I thought I’d attempt to make Liza a Buh-Fie.

Here are my supplies or I should say, prospective supplies. I radically paired down what I used after I started. The beautiful butterfly silhouette I adapted for this pattern can be found at Preschool Express Pattern Station.

Pinned pattern on two colors of pink and the body in black.

I had originally thought to do beading on the wings but it looked bad and I was afraid to give Liza so many beads to pull off and eat. Bad nutrition.

A change to felt dots worked much better.

Stuffed and getting attached to the body. I shouldn’t have segmented the wings like I did. If I had done each wing in a whole piece of felt, I think the whole butterfly would have been much more stable.

Liza admires the finished product. I took it in after her nap this afternoon and before I even handed it to her, she was shouting, “Buh-Fie!”

Liza still inspecting. She seemed to like the feel of the beads on its face.

The nice thing about the segmented wings is it flaps really nicely, which Liza discovers here.

Finished ‘fly.

My next project are some birds. Made with a sewing machine. Send the Gen-X police, Martha Stewart ate my brain.

4 thoughts on “Buh-Fie!

  1. ROFL! Can’t shake the mental image of MS, arms extended, coming after you! I’ll second Geof! Golly, but you and Stephen grew her cute! Thanks for the pics of Liza enjoying her buh-fie!!

  2. Birds!
    Z is obsessed with birds. When we were on the beach last week, he pointed out each bird individually, even the little statue that we walked past every single time we went inside our apartment. And every single pigeon here in NYC…and in every single book.

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