Secret Bird Project

I was making Liza’s butterfly when I found this bird pattern on one of my craft blogs. I knew I wanted to make it and combine it with this quote:

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang best.
–Henry Van Dyke

I’ve been working on them almost since I finished the butterfly.

I’ve actually finished eight of them, but two of my first efforts went to Eli’s friend Will because of his obsession with birds.

Why has it been a secret? I was saving them to give as gifts. Now that those gifts have been given, the birds are no longer secret. I’ll probably make some more to give as gifts but right now since I’ve finished the first wave, I’m taking a break.

10 thoughts on “Secret Bird Project

  1. Those are very pretty, sort of sleek and classic. I like the blue one in the middle, the fabric choice is just right.

    Unfortunately, I can’t get the page w/ the pattern to load. Is the link correct?

  2. Z was looking for “uncle and aunt” this morning. When we said you were gone, he went looking for his bird. Again, thanks.

  3. Thanks Misty,
    I love mine but failed to say “thank you” while in Huntsville this past weekend; way too busy. Mine sits by my computer so I can think of you every time I use the computer.

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