Do Not Feed the Bear Caffeinated Sodas

Today starts my month without caffeine. If I’m randomly cranky over the next several days, that’s why.

6 thoughts on “Do Not Feed the Bear Caffeinated Sodas

  1. I understand the desire Stephen.

    I’ve recently noticed my pattern of afternoon headaches and required naps coincides with days I don’t drink any coffee. So I drink coffee the next day to feed my addiction and get rid of the symptoms, thus perpetuating the addiction.

    It is a physical addiction for me, even more than a mental one – although it’s probably a bit of both.

    Good luck with your month. I’m rooting for you – while I feed my addiction with an extra large double double. 😉

  2. I didn’t really explain why I’m doing this, did I? I’ve got a goofy high tolerance to caffeine, and my caffeine consumption increases with increasing time. A good friend of mine mentioned that he swears off caffeine for a month to reset his system, so I tried it a few years ago and was pleased with the results. By Labor Day weekend I’ll be at the point where drinking caffeine actually gives me a boost instead of doing not much of anything.

    So thanks for the well-wishes. 🙂

  3. I started going off caffeine in college when I realized I didn’t drink anything but Coca-Cola (even for breakfast). A few years later I found a reason to cut it out altogether. Caffeine + MVP heart issue = BAD NEWS. Those high energy filled-with-caffeine-but-we-don’t-make-it-clear-on-the-label drinks are evil and must be avoided at all costs…

    Good luck to you! It’s not easy to cut it out (or even cut it down).

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