Kidz Beats Guitar Wins Again

Some of you may have seen my sporadic and ongoing duel with people who see my comparison of the Guitar Hero controllers with the Kidz Beats guitar and take it very seriously. Since I’m nice that way, I string them along, occasionally abetted by friends.

But now, thanks to Misty, I have incontrovertible proof of how superior the Kidz Beats guitar is: you can turn it into a USB controller for Frets on Fire, the open source Guitar Hero clone. All you need is the guitar, a spare USB keyboard, soldering ability, the willingness to cut circuit board traces, and a Dremel tool to cut holes in the guitar body. Easy!

Have you seen any way to turn a Guitar Hero controller into a toy that plays Old Macdonald automatically at the press of a fret button? No? Case closed.

Modified Kidz Beats guitar, and a crying Guitar Hero controller for comparison.

5 thoughts on “Kidz Beats Guitar Wins Again

  1. And here I thought there was no way to bring this epic thread back to life. You sir are very skilled in the dark art of thread necromancy. Well, then again maybe it never really died, maybe you’re just throwing a little more wood on the fire.

  2. Well, being a thread necromancer, he simply turned the old thread into the UNDEAD!

  3. i was looking for a guitar to go with my guitar hero costume when i came upon your stupid argument. How could you say that the stupid ‘Kidz Beats’ guitar is better than a guitar hero guitar? its not meant to be used for a costume, ITS FOR A GAME!
    P.s if this is a personal website, i am sorry for the comment, but if it isnt, meh.

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