What I Did at Dragon*Con 2008

This year’s theme: Stephen’s big ego.

First, I was recognized by so many people. I blame Brian Richardson. Sure, he’s had me doing videos for DCTV, but this year, in his role as director of videography, he started broadcasting panels on the DCTV in-hotel channel. Viewership jumped, and people began recognizing me and several other DCTV actors. I gave autographs and had people take their picture with me as if I were Captain Tightpants. That was deeply weird, but in a good way. I got a lot of compliments about DCTV as a whole, which I hereby pass on to Brian and the rest of the DCTV crew.

Second, the DCTV spots I was involved with went over well. The bumpers were a hit, and for the first time we had a video done entirely here in Huntsville. I borrowed Rick and Jessica‘s camera, got a friend to convince his workplace to let me film there one weekend, and got a lot of other friends to be in my video. The result was DCTV’s second music video, this one for a remix of Jonathan Coulton’s Code Monkey.

But wait, there’s more! This time I was an honest-to-goodness convention guest, which meant I could go up to the green room and eat free hors d’oeuvres. It also meant I was on four panels. The Evil Geniuses panel was a blast, as I and my fellow panelists Richard Altstatt and Jan Osburg revealed our plans to take over the world and answered questions such as, “What’s the difference between a minion and a henchman?”

My talk about on-orbit docking and how it’s nearly killed a lot of people went well. My PowerPoint slides from my talk should keep you entertained, though not as much as the forthcoming audio.

The quantum computing talk was standing-room only, so anyone who was standing in the back should find the three people who fell asleep during my presentation and kick their asses. After the talk a couple of people asked me where they should go to learn more. If you’re one of them, hi! Take a look at the unfortunately-named Quantiki and at Scott Aaronson’s blog and links. And here are my PowerPoint slides, with the audio to follow.

But those weren’t what truly proved that this convention was all about me. Our live panel for our WhatTheCast podcast did that. The show itself was fun enough, with excellent riffing with the audience, but after some friends pointed out that my bald dome was the one under the only light above our table, we had to create a tableau.

Stephen glows at the WhatTheCast panel.

That’s Chris Lloyd, Patrick Jarrett, and Brian Richardson basking in my radiance. Photo courtesy of Amy and her fine, fine camera.

Really, is it any wonder that my head is three times as big as it was before the convention?

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  1. I’m glad that you had a really good time Stephen. I found myself thinking about you and wondering how Code Monkey was doing… sounds like it was very well received. One year I will get down there… or I’ll just get my fly-on-the-wall cam working and stalk you.

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