8 thoughts on “Rinse Cycle Not Included

  1. Will, I think you’re giving this group too much credit. Still, I’ll try to get into that “judge not” frame of mind. Guess a Holy Ghost Ho’Down just isn’t for me.

  2. Having 3 sons in my home, my first and only comment is… do they supply the nose clips? … because I’m betting there were more than a few who didn’t expect their feet to bare all for the cause …

  3. Ned: So, uh, uh, where’s your band?
    Rachel: They switched from Christian music to regular pop. All you do is switch “Jesus” to “baby”.
    Ned: Aw, how horrible.
    Rachel: [dismissive] Oh, they’ll all go to Hell. Say, how’s your life going?
    I’m Goin’ To Praiseland

    Apparently, the reverse is true as well!

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