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The Third Presidential Debate in Five Links

Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber.

Thank you, and good night.

I Should Get Some Muscle Relaxants

A while back I injured my lower back playing racquetball. I say that I injured it playing racquetball, which makes it sound like a real injury that I sustained while doing manly, athletic things, but in reality I injured it bending over to serve.

Once my back got to feeling better, I resumed my real exercise: […]

Our Weekend

“Take On Me”, the Literal Version

I’m swamped at work and I have a cold that has left my head feeling like a giant piƱata, only filled with phlegm instead of delicious candy. Since all of my coherent thoughts are focused elsewhere, have a version of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” video, only with the lyrics changed to better match what’s going […]

A Prophet is Not Without Honor

Given where the stock market is going right now, you’ll be glad to know this book is still available at

Dow 30,000 by 2008: Why It’s Different This Time. Buy your copy today! Given that Zuccaro’s funds tanked before being closed down, I’m sure he’ll appreciate the royalties.

Liza’s Super Hero Powers

We all have our skills. I, personally, can find any household object that’s located inside my house. You’d think that wasn’t much of a super hero power, but Stephen and Eli have tested me to the limits of my skill with their ability to pick up the tiniest of objects and put them down again […]

Help! I’ve DIY Papered myself into a corner!

A few months ago I got on a Do-It-Yourself planner kick. I love having a paper planner even though I rarely ever use one for anything other than meal planning and grocery list making. But I had big plans for the one I was making. Surprise! I use this one for exactly the same things […]

NPR Wants You To Help Fact-Check the Debate

Here’s something interesting: NPR wants you to help them fact-check the debate tonight, and they want you to use Twitter to do so. Make a Tweet that includes the hashtag “#factcheck” and has a primary source rebutting one of Palin’s or Biden’s claims, and NPR will take a look. You can follow along using a […]

2008 Interactive Fiction Competition

Psst, want to play some short text adventures? Each year I organize the yearly Interactive Fiction Competition for text adventures that are playable in 2 hours or less. The competition’s started, and all of the games are available. You’ve got nothing better to do over lunch, right? So download them, play them, and rate them!

And […]