Monthly Archives: November 2008

Tryptophan Coma

Actually, it turns out it’s not the turkey meat responsible for tryptophan and subsequent postprandial napping, it’s the carbohydrates. Still, we’re going to take the weekend off.

It’s US Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow USians. As is customary on this day, I will pause and consider what I’m thankful for.

I know: I’m thankful I don’t have any of the turkey fryers that the Underwriters Laboratories got to burst into flames.

Have a safe and non-fire-filled Thanksgiving, everyone.

Preparing for Thanksgiving This Week

I was surfing randomly through Wikipedia, which is something I do because shut up, I just do, and discovered that it has a list of harvest festivals, the US Thanksgiving included. I’m extremely pleased that in the UK it’s just called a Harvest Festival. No Solung or Chuseok for them.

I wonder what a rebranding of […]

Eli Loves the Beach

Since we have family in the Florida panhandle, we’ve spent Thanksgiving week at the beach for years now. Eli’s been coming since before he was born, and in the past he’s not thought much of the beach. When he was a year old, he didn’t like how the sand felt under his feet. When he […]

Pushing Up Knight Rider

Pushing Daisies has been canceled. Meanwhile, the Knight Rider relaunch has managed to shed nearly half of its cast and keep on goin’.

If I ever teach a class that covers theodicy, I’m using this as an example.

Entering a Hex Wifi Key on an iPhone or iPod Touch

For anyone else having to use a hex string to access their encrypted wifi network over an iPhone or iPod Touch: put a dollar sign in front of the string. Instead of, say 2DBA7C, enter $2DBA7C. It looks like Apple used to let you choose between a passphrase or a hex key in version 1 […]

I Have Succumbed

Hey, guess what I got today?

It looked a lot smaller in all of the commercials. And less glowing.

At any rate, now the inevitable question: what apps should I put on this thing?

The Tubes are Unclogged

Almost despite itself, Alaska didn’t send convicted felon Ted Stevens back to Congress.

Thomas Kinkade, Art Director of Cheese

You may not be familiar with Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light™. Much of what you need to know can be summed up by him trademarking the phrase “painter of light”. He paints bucolic scenes, often of cottages that glow as if on fire, using a soft pastel palette. He also is frightened of hard edges.

Kinkade’s […]

Tobias Buckell Falls Ill

Toby Buckell, one of my favorite new SF authors, is in the hospital for heart problems. He could use your thoughts and prayers.