Another Wii Christmas

Last Christmas, through a series of unlikely events, we got a Wii. The house rejoiced over a new gaming system.

Over the past year, we’ve played Mario Kart, Lego Indiana Jones and about a million games of bowling and tennis. We weren’t letting it collect dust by any means but I had no idea we could re-energize it with something new.

Today, I got the Fit game and board from my mom for Christmas. I’m having a blast with it. So the next time you come over, I am totally making you do the hula hoop. Be ready!

5 thoughts on “Another Wii Christmas

  1. Glad you are enjoying your Christmas present! I can try the hula hoop, I was pretty good back in the old days when we used the real thing.
    Merry Christmas
    Love Mom

  2. I hereby challenge you to a game of super hula hoop! I rock at hula hoop. 😀

    But I must agree w/ the commenter who said Wii Fit is a brief love affair. I haven’t touched ours in months, partly bc it’s kind of a nuisance to haul out the board and clear enough floor space in the family room, and partly bc it simply doesn’t do enough. Unlocking new yoga positions is kind of a yawn. The step aerobics is fun, but there’s only the one routine. It’s making me consider DDR, though…

  3. I sort of want Fit, but don’t want to be scolded for my weight. I read reviews that commented about that. I don’t need extra stress…I worry enough about that stuff on my own. 🙂

  4. We’ve had ours since July. After unlocking everything, most of us got bored with it. Basically it gets used for weighing us now, when we feel like it. Since it’s based on BMI, I will never be “normal” by its standards… I’m betting the BMI is based on a small skeletal frame, which I do not have. Enjoy it, but I’d rather go for a walk around town.

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