I Love Leverage

If ever there was a television show created specifically for me, Leverage is it. The TNT show is about a team of con artists, thieves, and one ex-insurance investigator who scam corporations and organizations who are up to no good. It’s fun, it’s got sharp writing, and it was written just for me, though I’ll let you enjoy it as well. I’m magnanimous like that.

See, when I was young, my dad had me watch The Sting, and I imprinted on it like goslings on boots. Ever since, I’ve loved movies and TV shows about cons. I have a copy of the Soderbergh remake of Ocean’s Eleven. I even watched Players back in the 1990s.

Even if you’re not quite as crazy about these kinds of shows as I am, you should still give Leverage a try. It’s way funny, as should be expected from a John Rogers show. I first found out about him when I saw the pilot for his version of Global Frequency, and I enjoyed his work on the Blue Beetle comic book, as I might have mentioned. He’s got an ear for funny dialog that’s not too contrived, and excels at tight plotting.

TNT’s got full episodes online, or you can get it through iTunes. Go see what you think.

7 thoughts on “I Love Leverage

  1. Then please, please, please tell me that I remembered to make you watch the British show Hu$tle.

    If not…I suck as a friend, and should be fired.

  2. I saw some commercials for this last night, but forgot to set the TiVo to stun, looks like I might have to go and pick this up.

  3. Ditto to pretty much everything you said, Stephen. Yes on The Sting. How great are Newman and Redford there? Pretty darn great. Yes on Ocean’s Eleven, and yes, now, on Leverage. Have definitely enjoyed the first few episodes.

    And ditto to what Amy said about Hustle. Not sure if it’s ever coming back with new episodes, but the ones that exist are a lot of fun.

  4. Amy: You did not, though it’s on my list after Patrick mentioned it this week. Between you and Chris recommending it, I’m going to give it a try.

  5. I love watching Christian Kane – have wanted him to come to D*Con since I saw him on Angel… will be watching this with my parents – COMPLETELY forgot it was online though!

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