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Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan Doesn’t Understand Consumer Reports

Earlier this week Matt Buchanan ranted in Gizmodo about Consumer Reports’ review of smartphones. He didn’t read the actual reviews, of course. He just saw the top five list on someone else’s blog: the Samsung Blackjack II, the T-Mobile Wing, the Motorola Q9C, the T-Mobile Shadow, and the Blackberry Pearl Flip. Then he went to […]

Recent Trip to Arkansas

We had an unexpected trip to Arkansas this past week due to a death in the family (that’s for a later post), and while we were there Eli and Liza discovered the joys of ponies and make up. Luckily for me it wasn’t all at the same time.

Click on the pony for more photos.

Click on […]


Today’s neologism: emogency. When you’re so overwhelmed that only listening to Dashboard Confessional on repeat will make you feel better.

I went googling to see who else used the word, and I discovered an emogency on deviantART and one on MySpace. The MySpace Emogency is Canadian. His two songs are him singing while he plays his […]

I Love Leverage

If ever there was a television show created specifically for me, Leverage is it. The TNT show is about a team of con artists, thieves, and one ex-insurance investigator who scam corporations and organizations who are up to no good. It’s fun, it’s got sharp writing, and it was written just for me, though I’ll […]

Please, Sir, I Want Some More

We had driven from Grayton Beach all the way to Montgomery, with a several hour stopover in Brewton to see my grandmother and aunt. It was past dinnertime and Eli and Liza were hungry and tired, vibrating at frequencies that make experienced parents nervous. There was a Red Robin next to our Montgomery hotel, so […]

Ten Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned About the iPhone

Yes, I’m still enjoying my iPhone. Yes, I’ve been using it a lot — probably more than is healthy. I’m going to end up with thumbs that look like Popeye’s forearms at the rate I’m going. There were a number of things I had to learn about by experimenting or looking on the web. Here’s […]

Our Little Cruise Director

I suspect this will surprise my friends, but when I was in middle school and high school, I was very reserved. When I was young I was gregarious and outgoing, but between those two points I folded on myself like a Venus Flytrap. I had trouble dealing with people, and mostly avoided them.

I say this […]

Book Review: The Trouble with Boys

Peg Tyre’s publisher solicited me to read this book for the site, and I was intrigued enough by the book to say “yes.” I remember being fascinated by the Newsweek article she wrote a few years ago, but it was published while my son was fairly small. I wasn’t thinking about him going to […]

Forrest J Ackerman is Dead

Godspeed, 4E. Ackerman’s contributions to science fiction and horror ranged from the sublime — helping Ray Bradbury get his start — to the not-so sublime — appearing in both Nudist Colony of the Dead and Curse of the Queerwolf. I first found out about him through his cameo in The Wizard of Speed and Time. […]

Historical Perspective on the November 2008 US Job Losses

Note: I’ve updated this article with more current information.

Well, that’s not good. The Department of Labor announced that there are 533,000 fewer US jobs in November than in October, which is the largest one-month drop since December of 1974, when the job numbers dropped by some 602,000.

The BusinessWeek article offers this perspective:

How bad are these […]