ESPN, Take Note

Today, while watching Duke’s basketball team feed Maryland’s into a wood chipper face-first, Eli started doing play-by-play announcing.

“Duke’s got it, and then other Duke’s got it, and he throws it in the air, and it hits the front and falls.

“And a red guy’s got it, and now another red guy, he throws it but Duke grabs it and now there’s another Duke guy, he throws it and it goes in!”

Sadly, I’d still rather listen to him than Billy Packer.

4 thoughts on “ESPN, Take Note

  1. There are only 2 things in college basketball worse than Billy Packer…

    and both of them are Dick Vitale.

  2. Geof: I know you too well.

    Oompa: I actually have a soft spot in my heart for Dickie V because of his enthusiasm for and love of basketball.

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