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there’s a whole world of People who like to make things just like me

A haiku from RISD’s President John Maeda.
Clifton Burt turned it into this awesome sign.
Originally spotted on the Make Blog.

LEGO Creator: The Race to Build It Board Game

Several years ago, a friend from church graciously gave me a trunk load of her son’s toys. He was turning 13 and I guess that means some sort right of passage by ditching all of his kid toys. One of the things in the stash was LEGO Creator: The Race to Build It Board Game […]

What Should I Talk About at Dragon*Con?

Hey, look who’s a confirmed guest at Dragon*Con. Now I guess I should come up with things to talk about.

Actually, that’s not my problem. My real problem is that I have too much I’d like to talk about. I’m going to be doing a live WhatTheCast episode (right, Brian?) and be on the Evil Geniuses […]

What I’ve Been Working On

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you know all I’ve talked about lately is the work I’ve been doing. Working from home as I do and doing zero self promotion as I do, the work tends to come and go in waves. Lately it’s been a bit of tsunami and I am completely […]

My New Favorite YouTube Comment

That would be SmoothJazzApprClinic’s on Eli’s review of You Have to Burn The Rope.

“This is not a 4 year old reviewing “You Have to Burn the Rope”. This is a 4 year old being interviewed by someone about “You Have to Burn the Rope”. To me that makes a difference if he puts it his […]

Some of My Best Friends Use Facebook

From the Washington Post’s coverage of yesterday’s Republican National Committee chairman debate:

“We have to do it in the Facebook, with the Twittering, the different technology that young people are using today,” Duncan ventured.

“Let me just say that I have 4,000 friends on Facebook,” contributed Blackwell, putting his hand on Dawson’s and Anuzis’s knees. “That’s probably […]

Grandpa Joe

The past six weeks have slid by in a blur of work and travel and gray days. Winter arrived with too many cloudy days to count and it has oppressed me more than I can remember since my Emo high school days. I have sat down to write about the passing of my grandpa half […]

Christmas Photos

My favorite of the Christmas photos this year. Stephen took it during an extended Lego building session.

Click on the photo for more Christmas pictures.

Liza Versus the Milkshake

While we were back in Arkansas, we had lunch at The Purple Cow, a burger-and-shake restaurant in Little Rock that Misty loved when she lived there. Because we are Americans who love our calories like we love our guns and unregulated financial systems, we ordered two milkshakes, one for me and Misty, and the other […]

The Doctor is Alone and Lonely

We just finished watching season 3 of the new Doctor Who reboot. I’m not sure, so could someone tell me: what’s the theme of the new show again?