In Space, No One Can Hear Me Scream About Science

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about scary kids’ toys. Good thing Eli got a new batch for his birthday!

Meet Black Hole.

a black hole planet heroes figure

He’s the enemy from Planet Heroes, Fisher-Price’s new line of planet-themed action figures with tie-in DVDs and comics. You can tell he’s a villain because he speaks with a British accent.

Eli’s fascinated with the figure, and doubly fascinated by the comic that came with it. He read through it several times and then asked me to read it to him. What kind of dastardly things is Black Hole, aka “Professor Darkness”, up to?

A page from the #2 issue of the Planet Heroes comic

“Once Red Giant traps those Planet Weirdos, I’ll release the ravenous Space Quarks. They can devour an entire solar system in a single light year!”

You know, Fisher-Price has all of Issue 2 available online. You should read how the Planet Heroes (plus the guy from the Sun and another from a shooting star and also Earth’s Moon and oh yeah they’re still including Pluto) defeat Black Hole. Hint: it involves a space cow.