Monthly Archives: June 2009

Fewer Racially-Stereotyped Robots Would Also Be Nice

Last night we watched “Virtuality”, Ron Moore’s TV pilot that became a mini-movie instead. It’s about a crew of astronauts who are on a starship headed to Epsilon Eridani and who are also part of a reality TV series. Thanks to the show, I have a request: Dear science fiction and fantasy TV/movie writers, please […]

Urban Fantasy, DCTV Style

Saturday was my first opportunity to tape skits for DCTV, so of course there were vampires.

Fine, fine, we had vampire hunters as well. That’s Buffy, Alucard, Edward Cullen, Spike, and Mina Harker in that photo. Why were they all together? Find out in September!

(And thanks to Patrick for the cast photo.)

Weekend Update

I’ve been working diligently on the lighthouse cross stitch. And everything was going great until today when I sat down to begin lighthouse #3. I completely miscounted and stitched for an hour only to have to remove all but about 20 stitches and start over. I was so disgusted that I put my tools away […]

Michael Jackson Died Today

I tell you what: go watch the video for Billie Jean. When you’re done, listen to the entire Thriller album.

Twenty-seven years later, and still one hell of an album.

Together, They Fight Each Other!

We have reached a magical point in rearing Eli and Liza: occasionally they go off and play together for up to an hour. It’s like how Furbys would sometimes spontaneously talk to each other, except Eli and Liza have no off switch. The two of them will come wandering through the room, each pushing a […]

Soon-To-Be Trending Twitter Topics

Pirate pickup lines.

Which of Jon and Kate’s octuplets you’d like to be.

That one YouTube video that is unbelievably cute.

Tinted avatars as political activism.

Movie titles that are unintentionally creepy when muttered by Christopher Walken.

Robot sexual positions.

The YouTube video involving Keyboard Cat playing off that one unbelievably cute YouTube video.

Things that, when eaten, pass through the digestive […]

Me Versus the Big Daddy

This is a Big Daddy, from the game Bioshock.

He protects the Little Sisters — mutated girls who have a certain resource you need in the game. You can see one to the right of him.

And here’s what it looks like when I try to fight him! Caution: this video contains scenes of violence, gore, and […]

We Have Band Does a Stop-Motion Animation Video

What makes this more interesting to me than other stop-motion animation music videos I’ve seen recently is the video’s use of makeup to produce some very disturbing effects.

Ribby the Frog

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about any scary kids’ toys. I don’t know if that’s because Eli and Liza’s toys have gotten less scary or because I’ve grown desensitized to them. If it’s the latter, then I’ve finally found a toy to shock me out of my complacency.

Meet Ribby the frog.

Ribby doesn’t […]

Tom Deutch is Pretty Sure Everything’s Okay

The White House has unveiled their proposed revamp of financial regulations. One of the changes would require banks and other companies that offer loans to keep 5% of that loan on their books. See, one of the causes of the current financial mess was banks offering loans to anyone, knowing they could turn those mortgages […]