Fewer Racially-Stereotyped Robots Would Also Be Nice

Last night we watched “Virtuality”, Ron Moore’s TV pilot that became a mini-movie instead. It’s about a crew of astronauts who are on a starship headed to Epsilon Eridani and who are also part of a reality TV series. Thanks to the show, I have a request: Dear science fiction and fantasy TV/movie writers, please stop using rape as motivation.

4 thoughts on “Fewer Racially-Stereotyped Robots Would Also Be Nice

  1. There were parts of the rape and aftermath that were handled really well, but I’d still like writers to lay off the rapy rape rape business. Surprise: women can be motivated by things other than rape!

  2. Have you seen Transformers 2, yet?

    If so, any comments on Mudflap and Skids?

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, but everything I’ve read about the characters and the responses I’ve seen from Bay and from the screenwriters makes me say, “WTF?” I guess Jazz wasn’t stereotypealicious enough for them.

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