4 thoughts on ““That was a yummy cookie, Mom!”

  1. OMG! Liza looks sooo grown up in the first pic! And the second… well, adorable doesn’t cut it! 🙂

  2. abovenyquist: Eli is very aware of his own and he gets very annoyed when people mention Liza’s cuteness. It’s hard for him because he was so fawned over when he was younger and now that he’s a big boy people are not so free with the oohs and aaahhs.

    Liza, at least right now, is one of those people who is perfectly content to dance to the beat she hears in her head and she’s completely surprised when anyone else shows up to dance with her.

  3. I love the hands!!! She looks so cute ….. and mucky….. and happy.

    I think you should print and frame the other picture just so you can remember the happy moment.

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