Banging His Tiny Shoe on the Table

As Eli has gotten older, he’s learned that he can’t always get what he wants. This has led to him developing new strategies to try to get his way. He cajoles. He whines. He argues. He suggests. But best of all, he issues threats.

What’s great is that he hasn’t yet learned that his threat should be something that the other person doesn’t want to happen. Sometimes Liza will be playing with a toy Eli wants, so he’ll shout, “If you don’t give me that toy right now, I’m leaving!” Other common threats include “I’m going to stop talking!” and the ever-popular “I won’t give you this toy that you don’t care about!”

The best, though, was this morning. He and Liza were on our bed rolling around when I heard Eli say, “Liza, if you don’t, I’m not going to put my foot in your face!”