Open the Door and Jump In

Busy day today, what with finishing up my two prepared talks for Dragon*Con and writing new material now that William Shatner is a guest, and, oh, yes, there’s always my real work with the rockets and the lasers and the FWOOSH. So here, watch this video to pass the time.

I previously gushed about the band No More Kings, and somehow missed that they’d done a video for my favorite song of theirs, “Michael (Jump In)”. It’s an alarmingly cute animated thing; do enjoy it.

In fact, I just discovered that they released their second album in May. And last night, Misty and I finally started watching The Guild, the web-based series about a MMORPG guild that is both awesome and awkward. I obviously need an assistant who scours the web for cool things I’m really going to like and presents them to me each evening, as if on a digital platter, or perhaps even an actual platter like a DVD, to go all 1990s on you.