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Holiday Hiatus

We are off the Internets for 2009. Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2010.

Friday Night Videos: Techno Jeep

That poor, poor Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The DoD Loves Complex Charts

As you know, Bob, I’m mildly obsessed with how to display data visually. Displaying data well is tough, especially when you’re talking about complex data. When I have to design a chart for some crazy-ass set of data, I often look at how others have done the same thing, and I keep tabs on blogs […]

Oh, Authors, Why Must You Be Crazy on the Internet?

If I linked to every incident of an author being crazy on the Internet over a bad review, I’d be here all day, but this one is a perfect shining diamond of such crazy. It’s the platonic ideal of an author going insane over a bad review, and will be studied by future cockroach scholars […]

It’s Not the Name, It’s the Persona

James Chartrand is a well-known blogger in certain circles through his articles for Copyblogger and his web design and copyrighting company, Men With Pens. Yesterday James admitted on Copyblogger that he’s really a she. She’d adopted a male pen name to make it easier to land freelancing jobs.

You know the punchline, of course: it worked.

There […]

I’m practicing saying, “I am an artist.”

I think a lot about other people’s artistic styles–about how I wished I’d thought of what they’ve created. Or maybe I wish my stuff were as cool as I perceive theirs to be. Maybe my work is cool and maybe it isn’t. I’m not writing this down to garner praises or sneers for what I […]

How to Choose Board Games in Many Easy Steps

Since I have the bad habit of collecting board games in much the same way that the Collyer brothers collected newspapers, people sometimes ask me to recommend board games. Often they want a recommendation of something to buy for their non-board-game-playing friend. That’s a hard question to answer. It’s like saying, “My friend doesn’t really […]

Whatever Night Videos: Seismographs

Sean pointed me to this video for a song called “I’ll Be Gone” by Mario Basanov & Vidis (feat. Jazzu).

If nothing else, check out the effect that starts around 1:52. I swear it works as a metaphor for the transient nature of music. Man, music visualization is cool.

Friday Night Videos on Monday: Achingly Meta

Today is busy busy, so have a music video that starts out all meta and gets even more meta-y. Thank you, MetaFilter, for making my morning by pointing me to this.

What we woke up to this morning