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Saturated with Steam

Steampunk is a mad popular subgenre of SFF these days. You can’t hardly swing a frozen matchstick girl without hitting a dirigible or someone who glued a bunch of gears on a top hat. It comes in part from the joy of a comprehensible future-that-never-was, one built out of machines that are beautiful and whose […]

A break from crocheting hats

I’m still making hats even though I made my 50 hat goal. But I took a break this weekend to make a couple of sweaters for my mom’s dog, Lola.

She was unimpressed with her fittings up until she had to go outside one morning and it was below 50°. My dog sister was slightly more […]

Remixing Storm Troopers and the Stanford Prison Experiment

This weekend at GMX I met George Willis, who took part in a reality series called The Colony. The conceit is that a group of people must survive a global catastrophe — in this case, a viral outbreak. They dumped ten people in a Louisiana town near New Orleans that had never been rebuilt and […]

I Don’t See Hair

I don’t see hair.

I mean, obviously I do see hair. It’s not like I’m blind; I’m just hair-blind. See, I don’t let someone’s hair affect my opinion of them. I don’t care if a person’s hair is black, white, or purple. It can be long or short, straight or curly or even tightly bunched.

It’s […]

Two Crowdsourced Music Videos

One: the band C-mon & Kpyski, from Utrecht in the Netherlands, created a simple video for their song “More is Less” and asked fans to film themselves duplicating the duo’s motions. They then spliced frames from the fans’ contributions into the original video. The result is hypnotic and utterly engaging.

Two: if that’s not enough for […]

My 2010 GMX Convention Schedule

Next weekend, October 22nd through the 24th, I’ll be up in Nashville, TN attending GMX and holding forth on several panels. Yes, yes, I appear to be turning into one of those people who go to science fiction conventions just to blather at others. What can you do.

I know: you can go to the Radisson […]

50 hats: Done!

And here are a few of my favorites:

Finding Lyrics Everywhere

The Gregory Brothers have made a name for themselves by writing songs whose lyrics come from YouTube videos and then auto-tuning the original speakers to make them effectively sing the song. Their most watched one is undoubtedly the Bed Intruder song, featuring fellow Huntsville resident Antoine Dodson.

Their work is an example of using found lyrics […]

Sneak Peek

We had studio portraits done today of the kids. This is one of the photos from the shoot.

If you are related to us, you’ll be getting photos for Christmas. Just so you know…