Help Andrew Plotkin Write Text Adventures Full Time

I’ve known Andrew “Zarf” Plotkin for fifteen years. He’s one of those mad creative types who fizzes with ideas like a seven year old filled with Pop Rocks. He’s best known for his interactive fiction such as So Far (winner of 4 XYZZY awards), Spider and Web (winner of 5 XYZZY awards), and Hunter, in Darkness (winner of 2 XYZZY awards). Notice all of those awards? That’s because his work is stellar, and often groundbreaking.

Andrew wants to quit his job for (at least) six months and focus on text adventures. To do so, he’s raising money to fund development of his next game, Hadean Lands. It’ll be coming out on the iPhone, and if you contribute $25 you can get a version that’ll run on your laptop or home computer. In addition, he plans on working on his other IF projects. He asked for $8,000.

He had that amount in 12 hours.

This is astounding and cool, and guarantees that he’s going to write his game, but I want him to be able to do more. He’s not just funding a game, he’s funding development of tools that will help the entire interactive fiction community. You know how you can play some of my smaller games in a browser? Andrew’s written a similar tool for larger games. He’s planning on enhancing it and speeding it up. He’ll be adding to his open-source IF game engine. He’ll be promoting text adventures at PAX East. He’ll be providing the iPhone framework he’s creating to other IF authors. By supporting him, you’re indirectly supporting the whole of interactive fiction.

Not convinced? Try the game’s teaser. The game’s about a spaceship driven by alchemy and supported by a dragon. It’s so high concept I hurt my neck looking up at it.

So go donate. Any amount is welcome. $3 will get you the game when it comes out. $10 will get you a postcard feelie. $25 gets you the game on CD. Let’s see how far over his goal we can put him.