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Sokka vs Xander as Comic Sidekicks

Earlier this week I finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I was struck by how much the character of Sokka reminded me of Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both Sokka and Xander are comedy sidekicks who, over the course of the series, evolved into a more serious role. They were normal guys in […]

Yahoo Closes, the social bookmark service that we’ve used for our Shrapnel links, is getting the bullet to the head courtesy of Yahoo. If you still need a cross-browser bookmarking service, take a look at Xmarks. There’s also Diigo, which not only stores bookmarks but also lets you store the whole web page and annotate it. […]

Start Using a Password Manager

On Sunday, it came to light that Gawker had experienced a long-term break-in that leaked the username and passwords for commenters on Gawker and its related sites like Kotaku, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker. Now we know that a lot of people use “123456” and “password” as their password.

Why should you care? You may not care about […]

The Gearheart Podcast Novel Gets a Soundtrack

The Gearheart is Alex White’s free podcast novel of magic, adventure, and gunfights. It’s got a steampunk feel crossed with 30s pulp, and is a whole lot of fun. He’s now released a soundtrack CD for the prequel novella he’s working on now. If you listen closely, you can even hear me singing on one […]

Second as Farce

The furor over Wikileaks has become Theatre of the Absurd. Consider:

Senator Joe Lieberman says that he can’t understand why the DoJ hasn’t charged Assange with treason, a charge which applies only to US citizens. Assange is Australian.
New York Times editor Bill Keller, speaking with the BBC, admits that they clear what Wikileaks cables to release […]

Teaching is Physically Demanding

On Twitter, I joked about having one thumb and a newly-cut pile of lumber. When I later explained that, no, I hadn’t actually lost one of my thumbs, I said that my high school biology teacher had 1.5 thumbs.

It turns out that this is far more common than I would have expected. At last count, […]

In Case of Emergency

This weekend two of my friends had medical emergencies. One of them is still unconscious in a neurological ICU following a motorcycle accident. This has, as you might imagine, left his family in a terrible place, and his wife is having to put together pieces of their life that were left scattered on a highway.

Want […]

How to Remove the Exclamation Point Icon in iTunes

Our music collection lives on a network-shared drive. One of my ongoing annoyances with iTunes is, if it can’t find that drive because the network is down, it marks all of the music with an exclamation point icon. That icon keeps iTunes from synching the songs with your iPod or iPhone. Once the drive is […]

New Life in Old Planets

On Monday, NASA issued a press release announcing a news conference today at 2 PM EST on an astrobiology discovery. They gave no further details other than to say that it would “impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life” and that the journal Science had the full paper.

As you can imagine, people’s imaginations went […]

19th Century Family Car Stickers