Where to Find Me at PAX East 2011

I’ll be at PAX East in Boston this year, occasionally wandering the halls and perhaps seeing if anyone wants to try a game of Fiasco, but if you want to find me, the Interactive Fiction Hospitality Suite is a good place to start. The suite is in the Westin Waterfront Hotel, which means you don’t actually need a PAX East badge to come by! There’s also an IF Event Room in the Westin’s Alcott room that will be open on Saturday.

So, you ask, when will you be in either of those rooms? Luckily, I have answers!

Meet the IF Community! Friday from 7:30 to 9 PM I’ll be in the hospitality suite mixing and mingling.

Setting as a Character in Narrative Games. Saturday, 2 – 3 PM, Alcott room. I’m on a panel with Andrew Plotkin, Rob Wheeler and Dean Tate talking about settings tell stories and inform the player character’s actions.

IF Demo Fair. Saturday, 8 – 10 PM, Alcott room. People will be demonstrating all kinds of new user interfaces, modes of NPC interaction, and more. Want to see a typewriter on which you can play Zork? Stop by!

There’s lots more going on, and I’ll be in and out throughout the convention, but the three events listed above are when I can guarantee I’ll be there. So come say hi! I’m the bald guy with a goatee and a slightly manic look.

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