Monthly Archives: April 2011

Duck and Cover

(Photo courtesy of WHNT19)

So this is what our day has been like. There’ve been storms, high straight-line winds, and the occasional tornado playing merry hob with us in and around Huntsville. To the south of my house, trees are down everywhere and the power’s out. On my way home I passed one house whose roof […]

Skynet Online in 3, 2, 1…

People have been gleefully pointing out all day that today, 21 April 2011, is the date of Judgement Day, when Skynet comes online and kills us all. That, of course, is the date given in the TV show “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”.

Judgement Day wasn’t always in 2011. The movie Terminator originally claimed that Judgement Day […]

“Happy Birthday, Robot!” is an Excellent Storytelling Game

If you like storytelling games, and especially if you have young children in your life, I cannot recommend Daniel Solis’s Happy Birthday, Robot! highly enough. Using dice and coins, up to five players collaboratively create a story about Robot’s birthday. The game serves as creativity fuel, helps you practice collaborative storytelling, and is a whole […]

Search Your Feelings; You Know It to Be True

A while ago we watched the original Star Wars movie with Eli and Liza. Liza especially was entranced. “There’s Darth Vader!” she said excitedly when he strode onto the rebel ship for the first time. “Listen! He’s breeeeeathing.”

Given her love of DV, I wonder what the future holds for Liza. I’m guessing it’ll be something […]

Two Awesome Things and One Scary Thing

One, a new investment opportunity from Aperture Science. Buy your turrets today!

Two, have you ever wanted to see the StarCraft II cinematic trailer audio married with video from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Of course you have!

Three, I cannot believe this driver lived through this accident without being hurt at all.