Monthly Archives: June 2011

Talking Science to Romance Novel Writers

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to give a talk on science and technology to the Nashville Romance Writers of America chapter. Yes, yes, laugh all you want, but romance novels often touch on other genres. I met writers whose books had strong science fiction or suspense elements, and you can bet that […]

The Most Disturbing Music Video You’ll See Today

Courtesy of “Weird Al” Yankovic:

For you fans of 30 Rock, does Weird Al in this video remind you of anyone? Like, oh, Paul L’Astnamé?

To Liza on Her Fourth Birthday

The weekend before your actual birthday we went to Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville to feed the “ducklings and fishies” that fill the park. We bought several loaves of old bread and did our best to make all of the animals hyperglycemic. You squeezed chunks of bread into balls that you would then throw […]