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Week 20 of Making Something Every Day

Day 135: Pacific, 12×12.” For Sale: $50.

My feelings for this piece waxed and waned a lot while I worked on it. At one point I had it in a place I loved and then I took several days off for reasons I can’t remember now and I lost momentum. I ended on a high […]

Week 18 of Making Something Every Day

Day 120: Everything is glued down. Getting close to being finished with this one. “And Indeed There Will Be Time”

Day 121: Rushed back home from ATL to put the finishing touches on this painting, I think.

Day 122: Postcard palate cleanser.

Day 123: 8×10″ new canvas.

Day 124: looking at collage pieces and adding […]

2014 Weeks 16 & 17 of Making Something Every Day

Day 106: another close up of commissioned piece in working on.

Day 107: You can always tell when my mom comes to town because we make stuff like this.

Day 108: Proud to be putting this piece in the mail for @duchess to give to her cousin! I hope they love it!!

Day 109: Gelli […]

2014 Weeks 14 & 15 of Making Something Every Day

Day 92: Have declared myself grade A crafting goddess now that my mom-in-law has taught me knitting.

Day 93: Finished!

Day 94: Practicing my knitting while watching the weather move through.

Day 95: never had to use clothes pins in a crochet project before.

Day 96: work in progress and a glimpse of the many, […]

2014 Weeks 12 & 13 of Making Something Every Day

Day 78: Coping with ALL THE ANGSTY FEELS today so slinging paint seemed like a fine idea.

Day 79: Another chance to play name that art.

Day 80: Some fish in progress on a 12×16′ canvas.

Day 81: Made a bit of progress on the fish.

Day 82: I might be done with this one. […]

2014 Weeks 10 & 11 of Making Something Every Day

Day 64: 12×12″ collage painting I’ve been working on this week. I think I’m calling it ‘No Words.’

Day 65: In progress 8×10″ canvases.

Day 66: Working on Captain USA.

Day 67: 8×10″ – Have an idea for what to call it but I’m entertaining suggestions if you’d like to contribute.

FYI: It got called […]

2014 Weeks 8 & 9 of Making Something Every Day

Day 50: another page in my little book.

Day 51: emergency shawl for a friend of a friend. (Posted a day late.)

Day 52: Middle spread in the little water book. 2 more pages and I’ll be finished.

Day 53: Worked on design for the @GlobalWomenGo registration packet all day today, no photos though.

Day 54: […]

2014 Weeks 6 & 7 of Making Something Every Day

Day 36: Working in carline.

Day 37: working on a new book that’s all my own stuff. So much fun.

Day 38: reading a friend’s book and have all these interesting images floating around in my head.

Day 39: best of the prints I made today.

Day 40: Finished the Oswin shawl. Unblocked on the […]

2014 Week 1 of Making Something Every Day

I’m so excited to start a new year of Making Something Every Day! Here’s the first week of work:

Day 1: Embrace Imperfection Ganesha postcard.

I love the idea of Ganesha, Mover of Obstacles. Also, I live in Alabama, so it’s kinda hard to get away from the houndstooth elephant. HE. IS. EVERYWHERE.

Day 2: notes for a […]

Week 43 of Making Something Every Day

Day 294: Working on a new baby blanket. (Posted a day late.)

Day 295: larger version of piece from my tiny art journal.

Day 296: Car crochet!

Day 297: Finished the baby blanket!

Day 298: Made a sweater for my dog sister.

Day 299: Painting with Liza’s new art supplies.

Day 300: hat.

Day 301: Finished hat!!

Day 302: beginnings of […]