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Twitter is for Transmitting Outrage

Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, news began spreading through Twitter, LiveJournal, and other blogs that Amazon had de-ranked a lot of books that they had deemed “adult”, in addition removing them from general search results. The majority of those books had little adult content, and the de-listing appeared to be targeting books with GLBT themes.

The response […]

Video of the ROFLCon LOLCat Panel

For your Tuesday entertainment, how about the LOLCat panel from ROFLCon? Watch me and a bunch of other people talk about lolcats for nearly an hour!

C’mon, it’s only an hour long. What else are you going to do on your lunch break?

Found in Translation

For those who asked why I didn’t use the LOLCat Bible version of 1 Corinthians 13 in my lolcat wedding ceremony: they tend to use the New Internationlol Version, whereas I prefer the Mew Living Translation.

LOLCat Wedding Ceremony

(I’m so sorry.)

O hai. We here before all dese ppl and Ceiling Cat sos cat 1 and cat 2 can has marriage.

cat 1 and cat 2, marriage iz commitment and all about luv, so if u marry wifout thinkin hard about it, ur doin it wrong.

Anyone has visible reason they shud no marry? No? Gud.

cat […]

Why Do People Miss Planes?

I used to stand in the ticket counter line and wonder why people weren’t showing up to get on their flight. What causes people to not go on their trips they’ve planned for months? A death in the family, surely. An emergency root canal, maybe. The nastiest stomach bug I’ve ever had, yes, yes, and […]

It’s a Small but Changing World After All

Two weeks ago I went to Orlando to take part in an SPIE conference. (My presentation on space docking sensors went very well, thanks for asking.) Since I was down there, I took a half-day and visited Disney World, specifically the Magic Kingdom. While I’ve been to Epcot recently, the last time I went to […]

Extending the Life of Internet Memes

Memes on the Internet are pop culture sped up by several orders of magnitude. Like staph infections, memes mutate quickly, spawning offshoots and mashups and all manner of odd progeny. That makes it tough to keep them going and to make money off of them, since they come, change, and go so quickly. It’s even […]

Internet Memes in Wider Culture

A few days ago, Anil Dash talked about whether or not Internet memes would really impact broader pulp culture. Such a move from Internet to e.g. TV or movies have typically been in the form of passing nods in geek-oriented media, such as Andrew referring to Trogdor in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, […]

Let Overwrite, Let Override

At the beginning, Internet memes passed me by without leaving a mark. I’d see all of the Zero Wing mashups at YTMND or the latest bunny-with-a-pancake-on-its-head macro, be amused, and go on about my life. People would post lists of movies they’d seen or states they visited on their LiveJournal and I wouldn’t participate.

Lolcats changed […]


These are the pinnacle of their various sub-memes.

I don’t know the attribute for the second one, and the third is a re-creation of one I saw on a 1980s-bands-themed thread. The first one, though, is from ghoti on LiveJournal.

Finally, the best lolcat ever, also with no known attribution.

God speed, indeed.

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