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Sokka vs Xander as Comic Sidekicks

Earlier this week I finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I was struck by how much the character of Sokka reminded me of Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both Sokka and Xander are comedy sidekicks who, over the course of the series, evolved into a more serious role. They were normal guys in […]

My crochet habit and my Doctor Who habit collide

This is without a doubt my favorite thing I’ve crocheted so far. I worked on him while in the UK, so I think he is sufficiently British. Blessed even.

The cuddly Doctor is going to Alana over the Fourth of July weekend and I will be so sad to see him go. I think I’ll […]

Doctor Who Supercuts

Last week, IO9 posted a wonderful montage of David Tennant saying “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry”. It’s good, because gosh Tennant’s Doctor says “I’m sorry” a lot, but, weeeeeelllll, it’s not my favorite of the Doctor Who supercuts:

An Alternate Ending to Battlestar Galactica

After some five years, Battlestar Galactica ended with a giant two-hour episode. I enjoyed it, though I felt that, in the end, it undermined one of the series’s core themes: it’s individual’s decisions that matter, and those decisions, even if made for what seem like the right reasons, can turn out badly. The road to […]

I Love Leverage

If ever there was a television show created specifically for me, Leverage is it. The TNT show is about a team of con artists, thieves, and one ex-insurance investigator who scam corporations and organizations who are up to no good. It’s fun, it’s got sharp writing, and it was written just for me, though I’ll […]

Pushing Up Knight Rider

Pushing Daisies has been canceled. Meanwhile, the Knight Rider relaunch has managed to shed nearly half of its cast and keep on goin’.

If I ever teach a class that covers theodicy, I’m using this as an example.

It’s That Time Again

I’m obsessing about Project Runway again. Misty thinks Suede knows Suede is over the top. Someone told me Tim Gunn had a podcast. Anybody know anything about that?

Pushing Past Dora and Diego to the Better Stuff

Due to Stephen’s LOLprowess, our site now has enough Diggs or Technorati gold stars in heaven to rate us being approached by marketing firms. The first couple of times we got emails, I was like, “Huh? They want to do what? What’s the catch?” The catch is that these companies want to send us free […]

Weekend Media Entertainment

Friday night, Battlestar Galactica returned. Baltar got smacked upside the face with theodicy, and everyone was paranoid and broken.

Saturday night, Kansas beat UNC, and did so convincingly despite letting UNC get to within three points after being up 40 to 12. It’s nice to see Roy Williams’s team fall to the school he left, and […]

Note to Racists: At Least Be Funny, Part 2

Does racism eat away at the part of your brain responsible for being funny? I’m beginning to think it might, in which case I’m clearly beginning a never-ending series of posts. This time around, it’s SalesGenie’s “Ramesh the Indian salesman” ad that aired during the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

Perhaps you missed that Ramesh […]