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Personal Reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy

My dad, Ray Granade, is a history professor. Back in 2011, he spoke at the start of school about his experiences growing up in rural Alabama during the Civil Rights era. I’m sharing it as I did with Johnny Wink’s similar talk because it captures a time and place that is at once far removed […]

In Case of Emergency

This weekend two of my friends had medical emergencies. One of them is still unconscious in a neurological ICU following a motorcycle accident. This has, as you might imagine, left his family in a terrible place, and his wife is having to put together pieces of their life that were left scattered on a highway.

Want […]

Dragon*Con Placeholder Goes Here

We’re back from Dragon*Con. We had a blast. We are tired. We will post more later.

I’m In the Paper!

Hey, look who was in Sunday’s issue of the Huntsville Times.

(Glenn Baeske of The Huntsville Times took that picture.)

The article touches on the Hermes system that we’ve been developing to help helicopters automatically pick up cargo and then guide them to the delivery point, which has a lot of potential applications for everything from medical […]

We Live

Back in the US once more. Can’t talk. Tired and busy. I have a desk full of work. Eli has Kinder Egg toys. Liza has a fever. Misty has her hands full. More later.

Sales in Garages Continue to be Strong

Here’s the thing about garage sales: they make me slightly nervous.

It’s an opportunity cost thing. You don’t know what any given garage sale will be offering, and meanwhile the one thing that you’d really like, the single perfect item which you would buy if only it were right in front of you, is undoubtedly in […]

Where to Reach Me Online

Thanks, Google Buzz. Without you, however would people reach me online?

Locations Versus People

It’s another one of those times where we’re buried in stuff to do, so here’s a realization I had a while back: thanks to cell phones, calling someone has changed from calling a location to calling that person specifically. Phones are no longer location-dependent, they’re people dependent. I can’t think of the last time I […]

Happy New Decade!

We survived the wilds of Arkansas and have returned, busier than ever! We’ll have more to say later, including the thrilling story of The Return of Liza’s Poor Sleeping Habits (thankfully a one-night-only limited engagement) and Now Liza Opens Her Door in the Morning and Goes Roaming. While you wait, enjoy Peter Watt’s awesome fanfic […]

Holiday Hiatus

We are off the Internets for 2009. Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2010.