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Another Wii Christmas

Last Christmas, through a series of unlikely events, we got a Wii. The house rejoiced over a new gaming system.

Over the past year, we’ve played Mario Kart, Lego Indiana Jones and about a million games of bowling and tennis. We weren’t letting it collect dust by any means but I had no idea we […]

What Would George W. “Lame Duck” Bush Nickname You?

We were gone last week to Arkansas to hear my brother Andrew perform at Ouachita Baptist University, our alma mater, where he played John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano and taught a class about Cage. Cage’s prepared piano pieces: where artsy music meets Home Depot’s hardware aisle.

Andrew was nice enough to let me […]

Death to Zima

I had a friend in grad school who eventually left physics behind to become a brewmaster. He was a fan of beer, which put him in the same league as, oh, say, Wrigley Field spectators, but he backed that up with a lot of knowledge about beer. He also hated Zima, with a passion and […]

Little Miss Soccer

Today was Eli’s first soccer game, which, in his under-five league, means all the kids bunch up around the ball except for the ones whose attention has wandered elsewhere.

All the kids except for this one girl on the opposing team who must have been 8 or 9. She could dribble the ball with either foot, […]

Frying Pans, Fire, You Know the Drill

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed today. I realized this afternoon that I have about 17 frying pans in the fire and I’m trying to keep my hair from burning as well.

School has started back and I always forget that, even for pre-school aged children, the wheel starts turning again come fall. Eli and Liza […]

How I Know It’s Olympics Time Again

Number of searches for “Misty May nude” or “Misty May naked” on our site as a function of time:

May 2008: 0-20
June 2008: 0-20
July 2008: 60
August 2008 to date: 260

Happy Olympics, everyone!

Kidz Beats Guitar Wins Again

Some of you may have seen my sporadic and ongoing duel with people who see my comparison of the Guitar Hero controllers with the Kidz Beats guitar and take it very seriously. Since I’m nice that way, I string them along, occasionally abetted by friends.

But now, thanks to Misty, I have incontrovertible proof of how […]

Other Biological Imperatives

“Biological imperatives trump laws.” —Orson Scott Card.

Polygamy as a biological imperative.

Rape as a biological imperative.

Murder as a biological imperative.

No wonder Card advocates the wholesale overthrow of the government. There are so many laws that must be gotten rid of!

This message brought to you by a wacked-out embrace of evolutionary biology.

For LanaBob!

Eli starts soccer camp tomorrow. He’s declared these his new favorite shoes.


Liza loves her some butterflies almost as much as our nephew Sam loves trucks. How much does Sam love trucks, you ask? When they get car inserts in their newspaper, Andrew or Joy has to sit with Sam and read the insert cover to cover many, many times and even after that, Sam saves it […]