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Podcasting at Dragon*Con 2011

My Dragon*Con this year was far more packed than normal, so I’m splitting my normal recap post into several, divided by topic. First up is podcasting! We did our usual live episode of WhatTheCast, which was raucous and fun. We had Patrick Jarrett calling in as our roving sports reporter from Philadelphia, where he was […]

How to Make a Password Encryption Card in One Easy Step

A while back, when talking about password managers, I mentioned that I didn’t store any of my financial passwords in a password manager. Instead, I have a card that assigns three random characters per letter or number. For each bank, I use the first five letters of the bank’s name and then use the card […]

Why Companies Care About Twitter

In the comments to yesterday’s post, Jim mentioned how interesting it was that Twitter had finally gotten companies to pay attention to what customers were saying about them. I got to wondering why that was. Why didn’t this happen with blogs, or Facebook? Both of those use the same one-to-many broadcast model as Twitter. Facebook […]

eHarmony Pays Attention

Over the holidays, eHarmony released apps for iOS and Android that give you access to their site. They chose an unfortunate tagline, though.

Since I am a twelve-year-old boy at heart, I had to make a joke about the tagline on Twitter.

#bbpBox_22339099524341760 a { text-decoration:none; color:#1F98C7; }#bbpBox_22339099524341760 a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }I see that eHarmony now helps […]

Yahoo Closes, the social bookmark service that we’ve used for our Shrapnel links, is getting the bullet to the head courtesy of Yahoo. If you still need a cross-browser bookmarking service, take a look at Xmarks. There’s also Diigo, which not only stores bookmarks but also lets you store the whole web page and annotate it. […]

Start Using a Password Manager

On Sunday, it came to light that Gawker had experienced a long-term break-in that leaked the username and passwords for commenters on Gawker and its related sites like Kotaku, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker. Now we know that a lot of people use “123456” and “password” as their password.

Why should you care? You may not care about […]

Going Google

I inevitably complicate any computer setup I’m involved in. I’ve mentioned how I made ripping CDs an easy six-step process. It’s like I’m made of entropy and duct tape, frantically trying to keep everything together even as I’m making it fall apart.

So it’s been with our email. I’ve owned for nearly a decade, beginning […]

If you’ve ever wondered what I do while I stitch…

…wonder no more:

Future News Articles About Twitter

From the “You Know It’ll Happen in the Future” department:

(AP) Popular Twitter service may have cost a young woman her life

Authorities are now reporting that Allie Sutherland was potentially lured to her death through messages posted on Twitter, the popular online messaging service.

Allie received a “tweet,” or message, from someone known only as “goslo11” shortly […]

Using Regular Expressions to Match Twitter Users and Hashtags

If you want to find Twitter usernames and hashtags in tweets and do something with them, like turn them into links when you’re displaying them on your website, the most compact way of doing so is through regular expressions. However, most of the articles I looked through on the web mess up the regexp.

Usernames start […]