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NPR Wants You To Help Fact-Check the Debate

Here’s something interesting: NPR wants you to help them fact-check the debate tonight, and they want you to use Twitter to do so. Make a Tweet that includes the hashtag “#factcheck” and has a primary source rebutting one of Palin’s or Biden’s claims, and NPR will take a look. You can follow along using a […]

Keep Up to Date on the Large Hadron Collider vs. the Earth

You’ve probably seen But refreshing the page can get old after a while. So why not subscribe to the page’s feed?

(As I confessed to several friends last night, yes, I looked at the page’s HTML source. I am a geek.)

ETA: This is not to be confused with, which doesn’t have a feed but […]

Information or Conversation?

Some blogs you read for the information they contain, whether that’s technical tips or the latest goings-on in a friend’s life. Some you read for the conversation among the blog’s regulars and its author. I’m curious to know which style, if either, you prefer.

I go in cycles. I’m fond of blogs that have good conversations […]

New Design for Live Granades

I know, I know, what are we thinking, changing the design every three years or so. Nevertheless, have a new blog design.

The only real content change is the “Shrapnel” sidebar on the right. We’re going to be dumping links in there that we find interesting but don’t feel like writing a full blog post about. […]

Summer Scheduling

Summer shouldn’t need a schedule. It should be days of waking up and deciding if we’re going to get motivated enough to go to the pool or just play in the water sprinkler in the yard.

It should not require a shared Google calendar to pull off. And yet for the second time in […]

The Inevitable Upgrade

We’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5. Let us know if anything went kablooey.

You, Internet, Give Me a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling in my Heart

This week I’ve talked about vacuums, poppy seed bread, and Liza’s teeth, and I’ve posted pictures of the kids and vacuums. By the way, you people are seriously into vacuum cleaners and I’m not sure if that says more about you for reading about it or me for writing it. I giggled all day yesterday […]

Up, Down, Up, Down

Ah, that’s better. We’re once again online, after a series of server issues that just about left Geof as bald as I am.

Amusing Me this a.m.

Last night Stephen and I were kicking around websites that are talking about his companion cube piece. Yeah, we are easily amused by our own press. If the internet isn’t good for looking at yourself, I’m not sure what else it’s good for. (Stop right there before you type “Porn” into my comment box.)

So I […]

When I Am Old I Shall Wear Grouchy like a Purple Hat

Sometime in the past few years of getting a house and having two babies, I got old. This is something that Stephen and I joke about from time to time when we realize the multitude of 20-somethings on TV. Then sometime in the past few months, I realized that I was older than the people […]