Child's Play

Stephen Granade (2007)

It is playgroup day and playgroup day is normally a good day but ever since that little red-haired girl started coming she always wants your toys.

She shouldn't get your toys.

You tried telling the mom this but she doesn't understand you. She mostly ignored you but then she just shoved a pacifier in your mouth and changed your diaper.

Child's Play is a work of interactive fiction -- a text adventure. It's puzzle-oriented, though a scrupulously fair one that you cannot render unwinnable. It's also populated by a number of babies other than yourself and by parents. You can download the game or view its source code using the links to the left, though to play it on your computer, you'll need a Windows, Mac, or Linux interpreter.

If you'd like to give the game a try before committing to downloading it, you can play it online.

Finally, if you're stuck, why not turn to the hints?

Child's Play was created with Inform and has IFID EC5B5EF7-98AA-4972-8253-C6C6A82CC50E.