Monthly Archives: August 2004

my costume is a secret

i told you too much when i mentioned the rar hands. now people will be able to guess what it is. i just want to say that it is not a dinosaur.

a hint

okay okay i will give you a hint about my costume.

it has rar hands.

dress up

i have a halloween costume./

i’m not going to tell you what it is though.


‘your diaper is overly laden with pee.’

what kind of thing is that for bg to say.7 he is reinforcing negative views of babies, that’s what he’s doing.

what does ‘laden’ mean.7

uh oh

i think something is wrong with me. but it’s kinda embarrassing so i think i’ll put the information behind one of these cut things.

okay, it’s my butt.

it really smells.

no, i mean it REALLY SMELLS and it didn’t used to do that, not like it does now. for the last month or two i’ll be sitting there minding my own business and then phew all of a sudden my butt smells like the worst smell i’ve ever smelled.

i wonder if i’m really sick. i don’t know what’s causing it. i tried to ask my doctor about it the other day, but he just listened to me, said ‘oh yeah.7’ and ‘really.7’ and ‘tell me about it’ and then had me stuck with needles. i don’t think he’s a real baby doctor at all.

i hope i’m not sick.

ow stick

it was doctor visit today. i don’t remember going to the doctor before but mj and bg were talking like i had been before, so whatever. i got weighed and measured and i’m almost 18 pounds and 27 inches and that all seems to be in the middle of where babies are.

but then they stuck me./ in the leg./ no actually in both legs./ and it hurt the worst it’s ever hurt before in my life. that was so not fun. why must my life be one of pain and mushed up food.7

not just one but now two

i was all jealous when went over to my friend will’s house yesterday. now that i know what teeth are i found out he has like five or six. i don’t know why you need all those teeth, it seems to me that once you have one or maybe at most two you should be set. but anyway he has all of these teeth and i only have one.

except this morning i had the start of a second tooth coming through./ i’ll be caught up with will in no time and then he better look out because CHOMP ON HIS TOE.

back home again

we’re back home after the weekend. it was kinda fun, but i never really sleep well in a strange bed. i mean, it’s not a strange bed, it’s some portable bed mj and bg have, but it’s a strange place. plus i have to eat in the car and stuff like that. it was fun seeing everyone, though. and there was a dog./ why didn’t anyone tell me how much fun a dog could be.7 he licked my hand and it was so funny. then i put my hand in my mouth and it tasted strange.

we’re at a party

it turns out that bg and mj took me with them to a big birthday party for lots of people in our family. it sounds like bg and a bunch of other people have birthdays in august and we’re getting together to celebrate them all.

on the way down, mj had some almond m and ms. i reached for them to try to get one, and do you know what mj did.7 she gave me the m and m package.

i have the best mj ever.