Monthly Archives: September 2004

one fish two fish three fish many fish

today we went to an aquarium, which is where they put fish when they can’t be trusted to swim around on their own any more. they had seahorses. i had no idea they had horses in the sea./

there were some pretty turtles, and there was this one fish that was a catfish and was so big it was bigger than bg or mj. fish get that large.7 that should not be allowed, it is scary. fortunately bg had me in this dangly sack thing so i was strapped to his front and the fish could not get me. it was so much fun i forgot that i was getting over a cold.

we went there to meet with and and they were a lot of fun. we went to a restaurant but i fell asleep for most of that and besides they were talking about interactive fiction and what fun is that.7

then we came home and now i am very tired.

other people know my songs

i had a lot of fans over yesterday and it was fun. earlier though mj was singing that a-b-c-d song to me and suddenly one of my fans joined in./ i had no idea other people knew these songs./ mj must be a very popular singer.

these stars taste great

now at meals mj and bg give me these star things that i can push around, pick up and eat. they are a lot of fun to play with and also are tasty. only sometimes i put them in my mouth and then they slide to the back of my throat and it makes me cough and gag.

also i hope you are okay that i wrote ‘push around, pick up and eat’ up there. i don’t really like the oxford comma.

skills i am learning

i can now sit up almost by myself.

there’s this scootchy thing i can do that is almost like crawling.

i can pull myself up by myself almost.

mg gives me these little crumbly cereal things and i can put them in my mouth and kinda gum them.

all of these almosts make it sound like i can’t do anything. but i can. sorta.

bg was gone all last week. it was strange. fortunately i had one of my fans visit for a while and that was fun. but it was weird not having bg give me a bath. i don’t know what he was doing but he looked very tired when he got home. i don’t think he took enough naps last week.

all better

i am so much better it is not even funny. i am a little worried that everyone says medicine only gets more worse tasting from here on out, though. i think i will not get sick anymore so i don’t have to take medicine.