Monthly Archives: October 2004

i have been away

i have not been posting lately because i have been away on a trip to illinois. i went to visit uncle andrew and aunt joy. i hadn’t seen them in a while so i decided it was time for a road trip.

road trip./

i’ll post each day saying what we did last week, starting with today and last wednesday. if that makes sense.

wednesday we drove to illinois. this was a lot of time in the car. but it wasn’t all bad, because i had this toy that is normally a table but the top can come off and it makes sounds and flashes lights. even when i’m in my car seat i can kick at it and make it make sounds and that’s fun.

i also napped some.

when we got there i discovered two things about illinois. illinois is cold, like brrr cold. i think this is the coldest i have ever been in my whole life. i know it was drizzling rain [which is not like snuzzling even though drizzling and snuzzling sound like they are related] but still it was cold. also they have a lot of corn.

cold and corn. i think illinois should have some c’s in its name because of that. cillinoics, maybe. the first c will need to be silent though.

that would also make cillinoics come sooner in an alphabetical list of states’ names so i think the people living in cillinoics will be okay with that.

ua was there when we got to their apartment. i played with him some and then aj came home but by then it was just about my bedtime.

starch and corduroy

today mj took me to lunch and bg was there and some other people like geof and jessica. actually just geof and jessica. i got some of mj’s potato./ it was good and starchy.

and starchy was what my pants were yesterday. bg put these brown pants on me that were corduroy and they were such old man pants. i felt like i should be stomping around saying hey you infants get outta my crib.

scootching is no good

this scootching thing takes too long to get places. i push with my feet and pull with my hands and i still don’t go very far. i can’t wait until i can drive.

i still do not need naps

mj continues to insist on this napping thing when clearly i do not need them. she will grab me and lie down on the couch and put me on top of her to try to convince me to nap by using her warm snuzzly power, but i will not be fooled. instead i try to climb up her to freedom. sadly she thwarts me.


now that i can stand and dance a little i figured it was time i learned how to kick it new school. i am working on the beatboxing. right now i mainly can do ‘bpppppppfh’ but i’m working on that.

evidently the man wants to keep me down though because sometimes i do this while bg is feeding me and every time he wipes my face off even though he knows i don’t like to have my face wiped off.

birthday party

oh i completely forgot to mention the birthday party we went to this weekend. it was for joshua, who was turning two. we had cake and sang the birthday song. i say we but i didn’t really get cake, except for a little flake of cake mj let me have. the funniest thing was that the birthday song totally scared this one other kid who started screaming. he’s such a baby.

dance dance but no revolving

now that i can stand up i can start to bust my fly dance moves. right now since i have to hold onto the side of my crib or one of my play tables i can mainly bounce up and down by bending my knees. but i don’t bend my knees too much because if i am going to play football i need my knees to be okay so i can then blow them out while playing.