Monthly Archives: January 2005

uh oh

whoops i fell back down again.

but i am closer./ i just have to learn how to do that turning thing.

you may think it’s funny but it’s

we went to this new years eve party which was great because there were like a zillion fans. i got to run around and people gave me stuff like this musical dog that if you hit its keys it makes a plinky plinky noise and a rabbit with big teeth and all kinds of stuff.

evidently i also got a cold which is no fun. i have been coughing and sneezing and my nose is all full BUT NOT THAT FULL BECAUSE I SO DO NOT NEED THE BULB.

anyway mj put this vicks stuff on my chest last night before bed and it was kinda stinky. i mean not three day old diapers in the trash stinky but still stinky. i am feeling better this morning though because i ate a bite or two off of a bar of soap. okay i did not know it was soap before i started chewing it because hello i do not have a sense of taste right now but that is totally okay because the soap will clean me out.

i will be so clean that the bulb is unnecessary thank you.